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Slender: The Eight Pages, previously named Slender, is a free downloadable first-person survival horror game. The indie-developed beta was released in June 2012, by Parsec Productions for Windows and OS X, utilising the Unity engine. It was the first of the slender games, inspiring a spin-off series from Dark Pathogen Studios known as Slenderman's Shadow.


What is Slender: The Eight Pages

Slender: The Eight Pages is a FREE game in early development which is making its way around the internet at a rapid pace.

The basic outline of the game is to gather 8 randomly placed pages located in the woods at night time with nothing but a torch.

With every 2 pages you collect, after collecting the first one, the music and difficulty intensifies.

The only thing stopping you is the Slenderman, will you survive?


Version 0.9.4 introduced the Day Time Mode. The player must complete the standard versions to unlock Day Time Mode. When the player does manage to collect all eight pages in the standard game and gets captured by the slenderman, they will awake in the day time mode and be able to walk around for a few seconds before the credits being to roll. If the player beats the Day Time Mode as well, the ending is reversed and you will awake to at night and be able to walk around for a short time before the credits. After doing so the player would have unlocked the $20 Mode, until version 0.9.7 when the mode was removed from the game due to copyrighted music. Version 9.7 contained more big updates including an in-game pause menu and two new light sources such as the Crank Lantern and the Glowstick.

Parsec Productions announced that Slender: The Eight Pages will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Wii U around mid 2013.

Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions are currently joint developing the next game in the original Slender series: Slender: The Arrival, promising more levels, improved visuals and an engaging storyline.

Information Pages

Slender Background

Slender: The Eight Pages is based on the paranormal figure known as The Slenderman.

The Slenderman is believed to be a silent stalker who won't attack for years at a time, but will suddenly show up when you least expect.

The Slenderman story has grown and morphed as it was talked about from town to town all those many years ago. Today it has made it's way into many games including Minecraft, where it takes behaves using the most common characteristics reported to date.

You can read more on The Slenderman's appearance, sightings and history here... The Slenderman.


You can download Slender: The Eight Pages at parsec productions or

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