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Sanatorium was the first map released in the Slenderman's Shadow series, it's also the first of the Slenderman based games to be indoors. The map was released on August 12, 2012.



The Slenderman's Shadow series uses the same basic controls as Slender: The Eight Pages:

  • Mouse - Look Around
  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
  • Left Shift - Sprint
  • Left Mouse Click - Pick up pages
  • Right Mouse Click - Toggle Flashlight
  • Q/E - Zoom in/out
  • ESC - Quit Game


Like Slender: The Eight Pages and the some of the other games in the Slenderman's Shadow series, you are required to collect eight pages, found on the walls throughout the forsaken sanatorium, before being caught by the Slenderman. The pages in this map do not randomize, unlike Slender: The Eight Pages and more recent games in the Slenderman's Shadow series. In this map the pages are very easily visible, almost as if they were illuminated.

As with most Slenderman based games, with every two pages that you collect, after obtaining the first page, the music and game difficulty intensifies.

In earlier versions, once all the pages had been collected you gained the ability to take out a pistol and shoot the Slenderman. If successful in killing the Slenderman there is a short after-note suggesting that killing the Slenderman turns you into the the Slenderman. This was removed from the game in version 1.3.

After-note: "I did it. I had escaped the nightmare that was hunting me. Or so it seemed. It was then that I discovered Slenderman does not let his victims escape. He only chooses to. I have taken his physical body, and in doing so, he has taken my mind. I am Slenderman."

Information Pages


  • Within the Sanatorium The Slenderman has been known to move or slide in front of the played.
  • The gun used in the game is the Mark XIX Desert Eagle, a golden version of the gun was used in v.9.5
  • The character controlled by the player is believed to be a man.
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