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Released October 8, 2012

Slender Prison is part of the Slenderman's Shadow series of which it is the seventh (7) map.


Following the Slender games themes of collecting 8 objects, Slender Prison requires you to collect 8 photographs.

Once you have collected the first photograph you have approximately 130 seconds to find and collect all the other photographs and escape the prison before the Slender man catches up with you.

Slender Prison is known to be the hardest Slenderman's Shadow map and also commonly agreed to be the hardest Slender game to date.

Sprinting in this game should be avoided. As soon as you start sprinting the (already faster than other versions) Slender Man becomes aware of your position and will catch you much faster.

Once the Slender Man has found you the screen will static flash, at this stage Slender Man starts chasing you.


Although it usually offers you no real advantage, you can glitch through the map by attempting to go between a bed and a toilet in one of the prison cells.


There are flashlights laying all around in the prison however you cannot pick them up at any stage.

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