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What are Slender Games?

Slender games are video games which are themed around the paranormal figure known as The Slenderman.

These games typically have a silent stalker whom you must not make direct eye contact with while doing various activities such as collecting slender pages.

Coming into direct contact with The Slenderman will lead to your death, will you survive?

Slender News
Slender Backstory

The Slenderman is believed to be a silent stalker who won't attack for years at a time, but will suddenly show up when you least expect.

The Slenderman story has grown and morphed as it was talked about from town to town all those many years ago. Today it has made it's way into many games including Minecraft, where it behaves using the most common characteristics reported to date.

You can read more on The Slenderman's appearance, sightings and history hereā€¦

Slender Games

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Slenderman's Shadow Series (Free)

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