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Hospice is the second release in the Slenderman's Shadow series from Dark Pathogen Studios. The game was released on August 21, 2012.

Definition: hos·pice /ˈhäspis/


  1. A home providing care for the terminally ill.
  2. A lodging for travelers, usually run by a religious group.



Hospice Screenshot.png

The Slenderman's Shadow series uses the same basic controls as Slender: The Eight Pages with the addition of Space to drop the Glowstick:

  • Mouse - Look Around
  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
  • Left Shift - Sprint
  • Left Mouse Click - Pick up pages
  • Right Mouse Click - Toggle Flashlight
  • Q/E - Zoom in/out
  • ESC - Quit Game
  • Space - Drop Glowstick


As usual the objective of this game is to collect eight pages, however in this map they are counted in lines rather than pages. Each pages contains two lines (16 required in total), when all the lines have been collected they form a poem titled "Der Grossman". Not only are you required to find and collect all the lines for the poem, once that is done you need to make it back to the entrance in order to survive.

Also new to this map is the use of glowsticks, starting with 8 you are able to drop them on the ground (by pressing the space bar), to help navigate the dark labyrinth of rooms.

Information Pages


Graffiti wall in Hospice
  • There is a wall within the map with three main pieces of graffiti on it, saying: 1) PEWDIEPIE WAS HERE 2) WRAYCIST.TUMBLR.COM 3) [trollface] U MAD BRO?
  • First map to have glowsticks that you are able to drop as markers.
  • The character the player is controlling is a female.
  • First map in the Slenderman's Shadow series to have randomizing pages.
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